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Boxing Champion and Professional Trainer Turns to ThunderPower Megaphones to Protest Extensive Business Lock-down in New York State

Cara Castronuova is a champion boxer, celebrity trainer, and founder of the children’s charity “Knockout Obesity Foundation”.  She is also a business owner and activist who believes it is time for people in New York State to return to work and open up the economy. To help her cause, Cara is part of a growing movement throughout the State of New York who is organizing rallies and making her voice be heard loud and clear with her ThunderPower1200 Megaphones.

“This is very personal to me. I have spent the majority of my life as an athlete and professional trainer, and now with this stupid lock-down, all of that’s changed, said Cara.

Protesting Against Over-Reaching Executive Order

“The Mayor of New York is really out of control with his executive order that suspends our civil rights,”

Cara Castronuova, Two-time golden gloves champion and Celebrity Trainer

We caught up with Cara recently to discuss how ThunderPower Megaphones helps get her message out and her voice heard. Cara first started by explaining that New York City’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio’s March 16th executive order not only closed restaurants, bars, gyms, and entertainment venues, it also specifically banned any public gatherings, including protests and rallies.

Finally the over-reaching executive order suspended certain procedural civic processes, including:

  • Suspension of City Council procedural requirements
  • Suspension of certain laws and rules
  • Cancellation or postponement of elective health procedures
  • Suspension of rules related to procuring necessary goods, services and construction
  • Cancellation of the special elections
  • Suspension of rules Department of Correction rules relating to COVID-19

Cara prides herself on her conservative values and feels strongly that the right to protest and express your opinions is fundamental to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

” I think you guys (ThunderPower Megaphones) are doing really good work because obviously megaphones are necessary and you guys are selling some of the best ones out there,” said Cara.

With plans to organize regular rallies in front of the Albany State Capital, Cara hopes to let her voice be heard loud and clear with her ThunderPower Megaphone.

“You have to understand. This is personal for me because of my businesses. But it’s also personal because I don’t like being restricted by the government in any way.  It doesn’t sit well with me at all. What really pushed over the limit was how they are keeping everything closed down when people are starving. They are taking away rights that they could take away anytime. I mean they could decide next year there is another virus and then there’s no Christmas or walks in the Fall. Could you have ever imagined a NYC like this even a few months ago? De Blassio has helped turn one of the the greatest cities in the world into something straight out of George Orwell’s “1984.

“Again and always- respect and love to all of my friends on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. I hear you and respect you.”

Cara Castronuova

Contact Cara via her Facebook page to participate in upcoming rallies.

We wish you luck in your efforts to change the minds of New York’s politicians, and we have faith you’ll succeed. After all, as a boxer, you know how to keep fighting!