International Orders

We welcome orders from all over the world and are happy to ship to wherever you are.

We are able to ship by UPS, FedEx and USPS. We are able to ship large orders by Ocean Freight.

We recommend that the best way to ship is to use your own carrier/broker or account number. When using your own carrier/broker or shipping account number ThunderPower Megaphones will not charge any separate fees for shipping or handling.

If you do not have your own carrier/broker or shipping account number please contact us for a quote on shipping.

Please note that all international orders must be paid for by Wire Transfer.

Below is the weight and dimensional information for each megaphone. We hope this information is helpful in calculating the shipping charges for your order.

ModelDimensions (with packaging)Weight (ship weight)
ThunderPower 120 (single unit)26cm x 26cm x 38cm1.4 kg
ThunderPower 120 (case – 6 units per case)64cm x 48cm x 36cm9.1 kg
ThunderPower 150 (single unit)31cm x 25cm x 15cm1.1 kg
ThunderPower 150 (case – 6 units per case)42cm x 56cm x 23cm7.2 kg
ThunderPower 250 (single unit)31cm x 31cm x 43cm2 kg
ThunderPower 250 (case – 4 units per case)78cm x 52cm x 41cm10.8 kg
ThunderPower 450 (single unit)31cm x 31cm x 43cm2.1 kg
ThunderPower 450 (case – 4 units per case)78cm x 52cm x 41cm11.2 kg
ThunderPower 1200 (single unit)33cm x 33cm x 51cm3.2 kg
ThunderPower 1200 (case – 2 units per case)66cm x 51cm x 38cm8.6 kg

If you have any questions or need additional information please email us at [email protected] or call us at 424-201-3494.