5 Reasons Why the THUN-1200 Is the Battery-Powered Megaphone You Need

5 Reasons Why the THUN-1200 Is the Battery-Powered Megaphone You Need

A THUN-1200 battery-powered megaphone is shown blasted by high waves during a thunderstorm on the beach.

If you want to guarantee that your voice is heard, the THUN-1200 is the battery-powered megaphone you need! Once you try it out, we’re confident you’ll never think twice about who to purchase megaphones from again. Here are the top five (5) reasons why we think you should add this particular ThunderPower model to your communications network.

Reason #1: Sound Amplification

First and foremost, the THUN-1200 is one of the loudest megaphones on the market — so loud, in fact, that it’s actually dubbed “The Earthquake Maker.” Operating at 45 watts, it will easily project your voice up to 2000 yards away! 

Exactly how loud is that, you ask?

Loud enough to clear the streets and rattle the windows. As loud as a rock concert or rolling thunder. (Queue the ACDC.)

Still not sure if that’s really loud enough? Check out our chart that compares the THUN-1200 to other common sounds so that you have a full frame of reference. 

Reason #2: Durability

By their very nature, megaphones and bullhorns must be designed to endure constant handling and continuous movement — even potential harm. Protecting them against normal wear and tear like bumps, scrapes, and drops is essential at a minimum, and ThunderPower more than delivers in this category. All of our units (the THUN-1200 included) are designed with high-density, reinforced plastic. This industrial-grade material maintains the megaphone’s necessary acoustics, while preventing damage from common on-the-job risks. 

Due to its size, the THUN-1200 also comes with a carrying strap, making it both easy to transport, and far less likely to be dropped.

Reason #3: Battery Life

We know this one’s important to you. All ThunderPower megaphones are designed to maximize battery life, and the THUN-1200 is no exception. All it takes are eight (8) C alkaline batteries to operate.

Want to save money? Consider purchasing rechargeable batteries instead of standard ones to reduce how often you have to replace them. 

If you’d rather avoid batteries altogether, the THUN-1200 does offer a cigarette plug that you can use with a vehicle’s power supply.

Reason #4: Additional Features

Would you also like to broadcast music or other audio from your megaphone? The THUN-1200 can do that. It offers an auxiliary audio port for a wired connection with a mobile device or microphone, allowing you to share different media with your audience — like a song to get your crowd motivated.

In fact, if you ever need a little musical inspiration for your next big event, you should definitely check the 10 most famous protest songs in the US, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Who you purchase a product from is just as important as the product they offer. (At least, we like to think so.) That’s why any time you need assistance, whether it’s deciding on the right megaphones to purchase or troubleshooting the units you already have, we’re here and ready to help. You’ll get expert advice from a live agent based in the US, without having to deal with any time-consuming phone trees or delayed callbacks. 

Honorable Mentions

All right, you got us — there’s plenty more we can say about why the THUN-1200 is the battery-powered megaphone you need. But we’ll try to contain ourselves to these final two points.

Easily Adjustable Volume. Being loud is certainly important, but it’s also good to have the ability to lower the volume based on the size of your crowd, and whether you move to a different location. The fewer people you have, and the closer everyone is, the less power you’ll need to project your voice and your message.

Powerful Emergency Alerts. Sirens and alarms are a safety must. Similar to two-way radios, your megaphones should include this feature for alerting everyone to urgent news or imminent danger. Before you purchase your next megaphone, it’s a good idea to know what that alert will sound like and how loud it will be. That’s why we make sure to include this information with any megaphone and bullhorn we sell. The THUN-1200’s can be found here.

Check Out This Battery-Powered Megaphone in Action

If you’re looking for a great, newsworthy example of ThunderPower in action — not to mention a good laugh — we’d encourage you to check out this article about a diehard baseball fan who decided to use nearby office space to broadcast a message of disapproval to the Houston Astros. They were playing nearby, and this fan’s goal was to be heard from the batter’s box! We can’t fault him for the megaphone he knew would be able to do that.

Get Your Battery-Powered Megaphone Today

Are you ready to make some noise with the powerful THUN-1200? Choose how many and place your order today. If you have any additional questions — either about the material above, or about other factors related to megaphones and their use — don’t hesitate to give us a call!