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Benefits That Resonate: Why ThunderPower Offers the Best Tourism Megaphones

Example of tourism megaphones: a tour guide wearing a coat and gloves uses a THUN-120 to educate and direct the tourists walking ahead of her.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of immersive travel. If you work in this industry, sharing exciting locations and rich histories is more effective when you have powerful tourism megaphones at your disposal. Learn why ThunderPower offers the models you need to overcome the challenges of noise and distance as you guide, educate, and delight crowds of various sizes.

1. Enhanced Communication

As you’re probably aware, the size of your tour group and where it’s located (indoors or outdoors), along with ambient noise and other surrounding elements can interfere with the effectiveness of your voice projection. A megaphone ensures that your words are conveyed clearly to the farthest edges of any crowd. Whether you’re navigating through busy streets or sharing anecdotes about historical landmarks, no detail will go unheard.

2. Improved Engagement

Picture a group of tourists gathered around you, enthralled by your tales of ancient civilizations or hidden gems tucked away in your local city. With the aid of tourism megaphones, these narratives are elevated to a whole new level, capturing the attention of every listener and fostering a deeper connection with where they are. Transform passive sightseeing into an interactive adventure, where every participant feels like an integral part of your journey.

3. Accessibility for All

Megaphones play a pivotal role in ensuring that everyone, regardless of hearing ability or language proficiency, can understand the information that’s being conveyed. From multilingual tours to audio descriptions for visually impaired visitors, megaphones offer inclusive environments for individuals with diverse needs.

4. Safety and Organization

In bustling tourist hotspots, maintaining order amidst the chaos may seem like a daunting task. There is where tourism megaphones serve you best by helping you share important instructions, whether it’s moving to a new attraction or responding to an emergency. 

The bottom line: a megaphone keeps the show going and your customers safe.

5. Amplifying Authenticity

One of the greatest charms of travel can be discovering the true essence of a place beyond all of its tourist traps. Megaphones allow you to guide groups off the beaten path and show them hidden spots that are far more authentic. Whether you’re stumbling upon a quaint café known only to locals, or a vibrant street market brimming with artisanal treasures, your projected voice can carry people to the best-kept secrets in your area.

ThunderPower offers several megaphone models that can meet your tourism needs. Here are the two we recommend.

The THUN-150

It’s the megaphone we call “real power in a tiny package.” Despite its compact size, it still pumps out 15 watts of power and gets up to 600 yards of voice projection. 

Besides helping tour guides, the 150 is the ideal megaphone for educators, daycare workers, and small group presenters. 

Check out additional benefits about this small-but-mighty megaphone here.

The THUN-120

We often tell people that if they want one of the best-quality megaphones at the most affordable prices, the THUN-120 is high on that list.

It’s similar to the 150 in that it also gets 15 watts of power, but with an extended range of up to 800 yards. It’s also a great choice for coaches and school administrators, theater groups, parade operators, and event coordinators.

Learn more about this powerful model in our ThunderPower spotlight.

Looking for megaphone models that can project your voice even farther than these two? Our full lineup has you covered!

Buy Megaphones for Your Tours

From enhancing customer engagement to fostering inclusivity and safety, tourism megaphones offer benefits that resonate far beyond simple communication tools. When you’re ready to use them to create unforgettable experiences, make sure to give us a call!

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ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-450 Megaphone

A THUN-450 megaphone from ThunderPower is displayed in front of a crowd of people. Text reads,

The THUN-450 megaphone is one of the loudest on the market, and one of the most comfortable to carry! This week, we delve into the features and benefits that showcase just how remarkable this heavy-duty model truly is. 

Powerful Amplification

At the core of the THUN-450 is a robust, 35-watt amplifier that delivers unparalleled sound projection over distances of up to 1,400 yards. This means that every message, command, or announcement you give will be heard with absolute clarity, even in the midst of bustling crowds or noisy environments.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Equipped with 8 C batteries, the THUN-450 will last for days. Whether you’re using it to organize a marathon, guide a tour group, or coordinate a team of emergency responders, you’ll have reliable, consistent communication without the need for frequent battery replacements.

Durable Construction

The THUN-450 megaphone is developed with industrial-grade plastic, which lets it withstand the rigors of professional use in any environment, including accidental drops and impacts. Rain or shine, its weather-resistant design maintains optimal performance. 

Versatile Functionality

Its integrated siren, whistle functions, and adjustable volume control all enable it to work well for many applications — from directing traffic and alerting crowds, to coordinating events like sports practice, carnivals, and political rallies.

Ergonomic Design

The THUN-450’s design offers intuitive controls and comfortable handling. It’s lightweight and ergonomic so that it’s easy to use, and comes with a nylon strap to carry it for long periods of time. 

Plus, its simple interface makes it accessible to megaphone users of all skill levels. Put simply, achieving effective communication has never been more straightforward.

Enhanced Safety Features

During emergencies, lives depend on clear and concise communication. Members of the National Guard know this well, which is why they depend on tactical megaphones to protect civilians and get them to safety. 

The THUN-450 excels in this regard, thanks to the powerful amplifier we already touched on, as well as its detachable palm mic. This allows users to share important information quickly, efficiently, and reliably to large groups of people.

Cost-Effective Solution

In addition to its outstanding performance, the THUN-450 represents a cost-effective solution for any communications budget. Its durable construction and long-lasting battery life minimize maintenance and replacement costs, while its versatility reduces the need for purchasing units in bulk.

How To Get Your Hands on the THUN-450 Megaphone

ThunderPower’s THUN-450 megaphone is a testament to the performance that users need to get their voices heard. It offers unparalleled audio quality in a wide range of settings, thanks to its robust amplification, long-lasting battery life, durable construction, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re rallying a crowd, managing an emergency, or hosting an event, there’s no doubt that every message will be loud and clear with this megaphone at your side.

Want to learn more about the THUN-450’s specs, with an option to place an order? Click here!

You can also call us at 866-927-7955 to talk immediately with one of our megaphone specialists.

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Why the National Guard Relies on Tactical Megaphones From ThunderPower

A member of the National Guard holds a THUN-450, one of several tactical megaphones from ThunderPower.

Whether maintaining order during civil unrest, coordinating team members in the field, or delivering crucial instructions in the midst of an active emergency, the National Guard depends on clear and reliable communication. That’s why they turn to powerful tactical megaphones to get their voices heard. 

Learn about the benefits these megaphones provide, and what options are currently available from ThunderPower.

What Exactly Is a Tactical Megaphone?

A tactical megaphone, also known as a loud-hailer or bullhorn, is not your ordinary voice amplification device. Unlike wooden ones often associated with cheerleaders and sporting events, tactical megaphones are purpose-built for the demanding requirements of large-scale rallies and military operations. These rugged devices are designed to withstand extreme weather and heavy use, while offering long battery life for uninterrupted performance.

The Versatility of Tactical Megaphones

Tactical megaphones serve a variety of functions within the National Guard. They represent versatile tools that can adapt to changing environments when it comes to riot management or search and rescue. 

Equipped with powerful speakers and advanced sound projection, tactical megaphones ensure that vital messages are heard loud and clear, especially in noisy or chaotic situations.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

One of the key advantages of tactical megaphones is their ability to enhance a user’s situational awareness — in other words, their ability to understand and quickly respond to their environment. 

During emergency situations, megaphones amplify voice commands, warnings, and instructions, which allow National Guard personnel to hear each other effectively. This minimizes risk and ultimately saves lives.

Effective Crowd Management

During civil disturbances or large-scale events, maintaining crowd control is a top priority. Tactical megaphones play a crucial role in this regard, allowing guardsmen to address crowds from a distance and maintain control during potentially volatile situations. The ability to project an authoritative voice helps to deter unruly behavior and de-escalate tensions for public safety.

Flexible Handing

Tactical megaphones are made to be ergonomic, with options for handheld or shoulder-mounted use. Flexible handling allows National Guard units to apply these devices to the specific requirements of each mission. Whether it’s patrolling urban streets or conducting search and rescue in remote areas, megaphones offer a reliable means of delivering instructions and providing assistance.

Survivability in Harsh Environments

In military operations, environmental factors can pose significant challenges to communication equipment. Tactical megaphones are built to withstand the rigors of combat and adverse weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in the most demanding environments. These devices are designed to withstand rain, snow, dust, and extreme temperatures for sustained, dependable functionality.

Integrated Technology

Advancements in technology have further expanded the capabilities of tactical megaphones. Modern devices feature built-in sirens and whistles, extended palm mics, and vehicle power cables. These features enhance the versatility and effectiveness of tactical megaphones, allowing National Guard units to adapt to evolving threats and operational requirements.

Training and Familiarization

Using tactical megaphones may require brief training and familiarization. Programs can cover topics like understanding voice projection, how to speak for optimal message delivery, as well as maintenance and storage.

This allows users to become proficient and prepared for real-world scenarios like these.

Example Scenarios With Tactical Megaphones

Evacuation Orders: National Guardsmen issue evacuation orders to residents in flood-prone areas. They use tactical megaphones to direct residents to safety at designated shelters or higher ground.

Search and Rescue: Flood waters are rising rapidly, so guardsmen deploy search and rescue teams. Megaphones are used to coordinate these efforts, providing directions to those search teams and broadcasting messages to individuals who are stranded on rooftops and other dangerous locations.

Crowd Management at Shelters: As displaced residents seek refuge in emergency shelters, guardsmen use megaphones to manage crowds and provide information about available resources like food, water, and medical assistance. They also communicate guidelines for maintaining order and ensuring everyone’s safety within these shelters.

Traffic Control and Route Clearing: To facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles and aid convoys, tactical megaphones are employed to direct traffic and inform motorists about road closures, detours, and safe evacuation routes. Guardsmen stationed at key intersections and access points use megaphones to relay instructions to drivers.

Public Safety Announcements: Throughout disaster response, National Guardsmen make regular public safety announcements using megaphones. They provide updates, advise residents on precautions to take, and offer warnings about any new hazards that come up.

Coordinating Assistance: Guardsmen use megaphones to coordinate assistance efforts with other response agencies, such as local law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services. By sharing information and coordinating actions through clear and concise communication, they ensure a cohesive and effective response.

Tactical Megaphones From ThunderPower

Now that you know why the guard depends on these megaphones, let’s explore some of the options from ThunderPower that meet their needs.

First, it’s worth noting that all ThunderPower megaphones offer the following benefits.

High Power Output: From 25 – 45 watts depending on model, our megaphones deliver loud and clear sound projection that makes them suitable for various applications. Those include crowd control, emergency response, and public announcements.

Durable Construction: Our megaphones are built with industrial-grade plastic to withstand heavy use and tough conditions. Their rugged construction ensures durability and reliability in almost any environment.

Portability: Regardless of size, ThunderPower megaphones are easy to carry. This is true whether you’re using the THUN-250 by hand, or the THUN-1200 with its shoulder strap. 

Versatile Features: All radios come equipped with high-power microphones, intuitive volume controls, as well as built-in sirens and whistles.

Here are the ThunderPower megaphones we recommend for use by the National Guard.

THUN-250: 25 watts of power, with a range of up to 1,200 yards. They require six (6) C batteries.

THUN-450: 35 watts of power, with a range of up to 1,400 yards. They require eight (8) C batteries.

THUN-1200: 45 watts of power, with a range of up to 2,000 yards. They require eight (8) C batteries and come with a vehicle power adapter. 

Purchase Your Tactical Megaphones Today

Tactical megaphones are invaluable assets for the National Guard, providing essential communication during a wide range of events. From crowd control to search and rescue, these rugged devices empower guardsmen to issue clear commands and maintain situational awareness. Combining versatility, survivability, and advanced features, these megaphones are indispensable for mission success and public safety.

ThunderPower is proud to offer megaphones that are used by the National Guard and other branches of the armed forces. Give us a call to talk about our available models and place an order.

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The Power of the Portable Megaphone: More Than Just Amplification

A portable megaphone user holds a THUN-450 over their head while attending a protest.

With its iconic cone shape and powerful projection range, a portable megaphone has been a symbol of public address systems for decades. You probably associate it most with cheerleading practice and film sets, yet its applications are many. Let’s explore some of those in more detail, and how it has become a valuable tool for multiple professions.

Crowd Control and Events

One of the most recognizable applications of a megaphone is in crowd control and event management. From guiding scores of attendees at public gatherings to delivering announcements at outdoor events, it plays a crucial role in clear and audible communication. Event organizers, security personnel, and public safety officers rely on megaphones to convey important information immediately and effectively.

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

A megaphone speaker with siren alarm is a vital tool in emergency situations, whether you’re practicing drills or experiencing a real event. Multiple battery-operated units can enable emergency responders and personnel to communicate clear instructions to large groups of people quickly, even during chaotic situations. 

Search and Rescue Operations

Duing search and rescue, megaphones can be used for active communication over vast or challenging terrain. Whether they’re being used to search for a lost hiker or coordinate relief efforts, they provide continuous support and operational efficiency.

Public Address Systems

A megaphone is commonly used as a portable public address system, particularly in settings where a fixed sound system may not be available or practical. Teachers, tour guides, and event speakers utilize megaphones to address groups in outdoor spaces, parks, or historical sites. This ensures that everyone can hear without the need for a wired microphone and speaker setup.

Sports Coaching and Training

You probably knew this one was coming! In the realm of sports, coaches often employ portable megaphones with adjustable volume control to deliver instructions and motivate athletes during training sessions. This means athletes receive the appropriate guidance in noisy environments, and coaches protect their voices!

Political Rallies and Activism

The megaphone has long been associated with political rallies and activist movements. Leaders and organizers use megaphones to address large crowds and mobilize them across different locations.

Educational Institutions and Events

In schools, colleges, and universities, a portable megaphone can be applied in several scenarios. From coordinating school events and sports days, to guiding students during assemblies or emergencies, megaphones are indispensable to educators and administrators.

Construction Sites and Industrial Settings

Loud construction and industrial environments make it difficult for workers and supervisors to communicate. Megaphones cut through the ambient noise so that messages are heard clearly and workers stay safe.

Need a Portable Megaphone? Choose ThunderPower!

ThunderPower is proud to support many organizations across multiple industries with our full lineup of high-quality megaphones. If you’re looking for new models, we have options that are in stock and available to ship as early as the day they’re ordered! Contact us today to speak with a customer service representative.

Experience Superior Communication

A high-powered portable megaphone offers versatility and practicality which extends far beyond the realm of simple voice amplification. As technology has evolved, modern units now incorporate options like handheld microphones, rechargeable batteries, and other speaker features to enhance their functionality. Experience superior communication by purchasing your own megaphones from ThunderPower!

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ThunderPower’s Top 3 First Responder Megaphones

A first responder megaphone, a THUN-250, is propped on the front bumper of a fire engine, along with a safety vest and a firefighter helmet.

When disaster strikes, first responders need the best communications equipment available for coordinating relief efforts and getting people to safety. That includes the use of powerful megaphones and bullhorns. ThunderPower is proud to support medical personnel, law enforcement, and firefighters with our full lineup of high-quality products. Here are the first responder megaphones we think are the best options on the market.

Recommended Megaphones

The THUN-250

We like to say this megaphone is the perfect balance of power, size, and weight. Why? Comparable models from our competitors are often bigger and more expensive, whereas we keep ours light, user friendly, and cost effective. The THUN-250 offers a range of up to 1,200 yards, backed by 25 watts of power.

The THUN-450

For emergency responders who anticipate needing megaphones for an extended period of time, the THUN-450 is the perfect choice. It boasts a range of 1,400 yards with 35 watts of power, and comes with a shoulder strap and detachable palm mic for easy handling.

The THUN-1200

Otherwise known as “The Earthquake Maker,” this is ThunderPower’s loudest megaphone. Rocking 45 watts of power and voice projection up to 2,000 yards, this heavy-duty model was designed for crowd control and military applications. It comes with an auxiliary sound jack, as well as a cigarette plug that allows it to run off of vehicle power (batteries are still an option).

Why First Responder Megaphones Are Essential

Although there have been several advancements with emergency communication over the years (two-way radios, for one), there are still plenty of example scenarios where first responder megaphones are the superior option. Case in point: say that law enforcement has a large crowd of people who all need to receive the same instructions to perform at the same time. Megaphones allow them to do this instantaneously, and in such a way that people can organize and move in a coordinated effort that minimizes risk.

These megaphones are also ideal for first responders because they’re made with high-grade industrial plastic. This means they can handle more than their fair share of wear and tear from regular use, continuous movement, drops, and other typical on-the-job hazards. 

Instantly projecting one’s voice to a crowd as close as a few feet or as far away as 2,000 yards can be advantageous for first responders. Responders can give directions to people they can see, as well as get the attention of those they can’t but who still need their help. 

Megaphones also work the other way around, allowing civilians to call for help and get the attention of first responders who may not realize that they’re present. That’s why we often encourage customers to add them to their disaster kits.

Honorable Mention: Disaster Kits

ThunderPower megaphones offer exceptional range and voice clarity. They’re easy to store and only require a handful of batteries. These reasons make them simple and effective additions to any disaster kit. Other forms of communication like mobile phones can fail, either when cellular networks are overwhelmed or the internet goes down, but people can still rely on megaphones to be heard. 

Although a bullhorn may not be the first item that comes to mind in an emergency, it’s certainly one of the most reliable. 

Curious what else makes a great disaster kit? Check out our list of emergency supplies here.

Get Your First Responder Megaphones Here

Does your team need new megaphones? ThunderPower is ready to help! Click here to review our available models, specs, and pricing — including any specials and sales that we’re currently running! You can also give us a call at 877-782-7073 to discuss any questions you may have, as well as place an order.

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ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-120 Megaphone

A THUN-120 megaphone is displayed beside the text,

When customers tell us that they’re looking for the best-quality megaphone at the most affordable price, the THUN-120 megaphone immediately springs to mind. This week, we spotlight the benefits of this lightweight, reliable bullhorn that we so often see used for parades, coaching, school pickup and drop-off lots, campus crowd control, theater productions, and outside events like fairs and farmers’ markets. 

Sound and Range

All ThunderPower megaphones offer clear, exceptional sound quality, and this model is no different. At 15 watts of power and 800 yards of range, the THUN-120 can amplify your voice just shy of 7.5 NFL-sized football fields!


The THUN-120’s lightweight design is complemented by an ergonomic pistol grip and attached wrist strap. Handling is intuitive, thanks to a convenient three-way switch for choosing between voice, siren, and whistle, as well as an adjustment wheel to select the appropriate volume.


Industrial-grade plastic is what allows the THUN-120 megaphone to be lightweight, but don’t think that that means it’s fragile. It’s built to withstand plenty of use and bumps along the way — especially if you’re protesting! Those wrist straps we mentioned earlier are also great for preventing drops, loss, and theft.


It only takes eight AA batteries to experience 15 watts of power! Swapping out dead batteries is also quick and easy. Just make sure to follow our tips on how to use a megaphone properly — i.e., always speak directly into the microphone, don’t speak softly, and only adjust the megaphone’s volume instead of your voice!


The THUN-120 offers a 10-inch-diameter bell and extra-loud, solid-state speaker so that it can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and out. This not only makes it flexible in terms of use, but also means you don’t have to break the bank by purchasing a ton of units just for a single event.


We make it a point that all ThunderPower models come with a “full 1 year, expedited in-house express warranty.” We stand by our products, and we want you to have complete peace of mind that you’ll get the maximum use out of every megaphone you purchase.

Why Choose The THUN-120 Megaphone — Or ANY ThunderPower Model

There are several options out there when it comes to selecting bullhorns. There are three reasons we think you should choose ours — whether it’s the THUN-120 or the other exceptional megaphones in our lineup:

  1. We offer world-class quality at the best available prices. (As of this post, our megaphones are even more cost-effective because they’re on sale!)
  2. We’ll answer your call the moment you dial. We don’t like making people navigate convoluted phone trees or getting stuck playing phone tag.
  3. Our orders can often ship as soon as the day they’re placed.

    You may be wondering why we say “megaphone” and “bullhorn.” Is there a difference? While the products we sell are technically bullhorns, both terms have become synonymous. Rest assured that we’re always referring to battery-powered models. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the evolution of their names here!

    Questions and Orders

    Do you have questions about the models that we offer, or about megaphones in general? We want to hear them! 

    Call us today at 877-782-7073 to get assistance with any of your megaphone (or bullhorn) needs, get quotes, and place an order!

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    Coaches, Use These Sports Megaphones To Prevent Vocal Strain

    A coach stands on the sidelines beside a blown-up image of a THUN-120 megaphone. Text reads,

    School’s back in session, and sports teams are gearing up for a new season! That means plenty of coaches across the country should be mindful of one thing: not losing their voice. If you’re a coach, we recognize how hard you must work to teach and mentor your players during practice and live events. But that shouldn’t come at the cost of your vocal chords and general health. While we strongly believe that sports megaphones are key to avoiding undue strain on your speech, we acknowledge that this isn’t the only solution you may need.


    Megaphones fall under the category of noisemaker, which is usually banned from use during live game play. This means that while we can obviously share the benefits of using them during outdoor events and team practices, you’ll still need a plan for what to do when they aren’t an option.

    We address some of those through the questions below.

    Why Are Coaches’ Voices at Risk?

    Hopefully you’re fortunate enough not to have experienced throat pain from yelling too much. Or, if you have, maybe you were wise enough to give your vocal chords time to heal before risking more damage. Either way, the reality is that vocal strain can affect coaches to different degrees depending on the sport, where it’s held, and how many people you’re trying to talk over. 

    Basketball coaches arguably have it the worst. They’re indoors, in rooms that can get exceptionally loud, and unable to use sports megaphones during live games. But because they need to communicate with their team, and because “the pressure to perform often leads coaches to yell,” The New York Times notes how there’s “rarely a moment during a game when a coach can use a normal conversational voice.” 

    Just how bad can vocal damage get?

    Turns out, a lot. One coach even had to go in for two surgeries to remove polyps that formed in his throat. 

    Are There Home Remedies?

    That same NYT article notes how many coaches who have accepted throat pain as part of their profession also rely on home remedies for treatment. These range from “daily cups of tea,” to “salt water in the morning and before games,” to Life Savers and cough drops. 

    Some say they simply get used to straining their voices, although that’s not recommended.

    What Other Options Do Coaches Have?

    Besides home remedies, coaches can try to prevent throat pain from happening in the first place through the use of vocal training. Similar to how singers practice ways to protect their vocal chords, coaches can adapt by learning safer voice projection techniques.

    Another means of curbing undue vocal strain is to measure how much coaches are using their voices. Researchers are looking at how to identify vocal fatigue through the use of a “soft, flexible, postage-stamp-sized device [that] comfortably adheres to the upper chest to sense the subtle vibrations associated with talking and singing.” That data is then shared with a smart device to “monitor their vocal activities in real time throughout the day and measure cumulative total vocal usage.”

    Can Technology Help?

    When it comes to live games, it looks like coaches need to be mindful of how they yell, how often they yell, and what vocal training or home remedies they prefer to soothe any discomfort. As for practice, that’s where technology can give them the upper hand.

    While some coaches have been known to use microphones connected with wireless PA systems, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that our main recommendation is to use powerful sports megaphones.

    What Sports Megaphones Does ThunderPower Offer?

    ThunderPower maintains several megaphone models that coaches can use to train their teams. They include:


    Power: 15 watts.
    Range: up to 600 yards.
    Voice amplification: up to 98 decibels (dB), with siren up to 112 dB.
    Number of batteries: eight (8) AAs. 

    The THUN-150 may be the smallest of ThunderPower’s sports megaphones, but it still packs a punch! It offers clear voice projection, options for a siren and whistle, a lapel microphone, adjustable volume control, and a convenient wrist strap.


    Power: 15 watts.
    Range: up to 800 yards.
    Voice amplification: up to 100 dB, with siren up to 112 dB.
    Number of batteries: eight (8) AAs.

    Shaped more like traditional sports megaphones, the THUN-120 offers a compact, lightweight design that’s reinforced by an industrial-strength chassis. Similar to the 120, it comes with a nylon carrying strap. 


    Power: 25 watts.
    Range: up to 1200 yards.
    Voice amplification: up to 102 dB, with siren up to 118 dB.
    Number of batteries: six (6) Cs.

    This is one of the best medium-sized, long-range megaphones on the market, offering the same features as the previous models but with greater range and power.


    Power: 35 watts.
    Range: up to 1400 yards.
    Voice amplification: up to 108 dB, with siren up to 120 dB.
    Number of batteries: eight (8) Cs.

    The THUN-450 is incredibly loud, and offers a detachable palm mic for added convenience.

    Please note: batteries not included with these models, but we do sell them.

    Do You Need Sports Megaphones?

    If you’re in need of the best sports megaphones on the market when it comes to coordinating practice with your team, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today at 877-782-7073 to talk about the units discussed above, and get answers to any questions you may have.

    If you’d like an example of how we’ve helped teams in the past, check out our partnership with Pacific Rowing Club.

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    ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-150 Megaphone

    A THUN-150 megaphone and lapel mic are displayed next to a school administrator using this megaphone in the hallway around students. A tagline reads,

    Even if a megaphone is small, that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Case in point: the THUN-150. As the most compact member of the ThunderPower lineup, it’s often used by educational staff, parade operators, day care workers, tour group leaders, coaches, and event planners. Learn more about why we call the THUN-150 megaphone “real power in a tiny package,” as well as helpful tips and specials that are currently available for this model.

    Sound and Range

    All ThunderPower megaphones offer exceptional sound quality and clarity, and that includes the THUN-150. Your voice will easily be heard up to 600 yards away, and you can utilize a siren or whistle when you really need to get people’s immediate attention. An audio input is also available for connecting a lapel mic or other audio devices.


    Its compact size (weighing slightly over 2 pounds) and ergonomic pistol grip both make the THUN-150 a cinch to carry and operate. Volume control and audio selection for voice, siren, and whistle are all conveniently placed above the grip so that you can quickly adjust them with your thumb. 


    Made with industrial-grade plastic, this megaphone is designed to take more than its fair share of bumps and scratches that are expected from repeat use. Plus, all 150s come with reinforced-nylon, web-wrist lanyards to prevent drops and loss.


    The THUN-150 boasts 15 watts of power and only requires 8 AA batteries for long-lasting service. When it’s finally time to swap those batteries out for replacements, this megaphone’s design makes it fast and convenient to do so — no complicated searches or tricks to open the battery compartment required. (Consider purchasing rechargeable batteries to save on replacement costs.)


    Its five-inch-diameter bell and eight-inch chassis offer 90-degree sound projection that lends itself well for indoor and outdoor situations.


    All 150s come with a “full 1 year, expedited in-house express warranty” for your complete peace of mind.

    Now that we’ve covered the benefits of the THUN-150 megaphone, let’s discuss some tips you can apply when using it.

    Tip #1: Flip Your Batteries

    We already highlighted rechargeable batteries as a way to save money while keeping your megaphone powered. You might also consider flipping your batteries in their slots when you put your megaphone into storage. This prevents the possibility of it being activated while you’re away, which would needlessly drain its batteries.

    Tip #2: Add the THUN-150 to Your Disaster Kit

    People often think about including flashlights and radios in their disaster kits, but they may not realize just how beneficial megaphones can be. This is especially true for the THUN-150. Thanks to its smaller size and portability, it can be easily stored for emergency use and provide long-lasting power until help arrives.

    Tip #3: Speak Loudly and Directly Into the Microphone

    If you think your megaphone is too loud, don’t worry about adjusting your voice by speaking softer or by holding the megaphone farther away from you. Always speak directly into the microphone and always speak loudly — adjusting the volume on the model itself will handle the rest.

    Current THUN-150 Megaphone Specials

    As of this blog post, we’re offering a couple special offers for our THUN-150 megaphones.

    1. Units are currently on sale at 10 percent off normal retail price.
    2. You can get a free THUN-150 when you purchase six (6) or more industrial radios from our friends over at Discount Two-Way Radio!

    Questions and Orders

    What megaphone questions do you have? Whether it’s about the THUN-150 or other models we currently carry, what discounts you can apply to your next purchase, what the real difference is between a megaphone and a bullhorn, or other megaphone tips for your industry, we want to hear from you! Our megaphones are tested in the USA to verify that their quality is incredible, and we think you’ll be extremely impressed by how they hold up.

    Give us a call today at 877-782-7073 to learn more, or to place an order.

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    ThunderPower Offers Superior Megaphones for Cheerleaders

    Cheerleaders, football players, and a coach all huddle together with a trophy to celebrate a winning game. A cheerleader holds a ThunderPower megaphone.

    Cheerleading season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean squads won’t be practicing over the spring and summer, and they’ll need megaphones! ThunderPower is here to help teams ensure their routines go smoothly and their voices are heard so that they’re ready to crush it at their next major competition or sporting event. Learn how, and which megaphones for cheerleaders we recommend.

    The History of Megaphones for Cheerleaders

    Megaphones have been a part of cheerleading since they were wooden and acoustic. In fact, their first recorded use with a cheer team dates back to 1898 at the University of Michigan.

    These days, ThunderPower’s electronic models — also known as bullhorns — are made with industrial-grade, molded plastic, making them preferable because of their added strength, enhanced clarity, and extended range. We carry several bullhorn models to meet the specific needs of your training.

    Megaphone Pro Tip

    If you really want some force behind your cheers, make sure to take a look at “The Earthquake Maker,” our most powerful megaphone. Running on 45 watts and offering a range of 2000 yards, the THUN-1200 is guaranteed to make you the loudest person at any event. Plus, it’s big enough to require a carrying strap and speaker mic for ease of use.

    ESSER II and ARP ESSER Funds

    Not sure if you have the money to budget for new megaphones? Check if your school has funds remaining from ESSER II and ARP ESSER. If you’re not aware, these packages were part of COVID relief authorized by the federal government for schools to make improvements to air quality, cleaning and sanitation, and communications equipment. It’s worth confirming with your district if megaphones apply, and that you make sure to obligate available funds by their respective deadlines (September 30th of this year for ESSER II, and September 30th of next year for ARP ESSER).

    Cheerleader Safety

    Safety’s a big part of any sport, and cheerleading is no exception. Summer practice can be more difficult due to the heat, which is why TheCheerBuzz offers some tips on how to protect your squad members.

    Megaphones also contribute to that safety. If one of your team members feels threatened, they can use a megaphone to call for help, or activate its siren to alert others. (This is why we highly recommend that everyone has a megaphone in their disaster kit.)

    ThunderPower Megaphone Suggestions

    While we stand by the quality and craftsmanship of all of our models, here are the megaphones for cheerleaders we recommend when you’re looking for new ones for your squad.

    THUN-150: 15 watts, 600-yard range, 98 decibels (dB) for voice, and 112 dB for siren.

    THUN-120: 15 watts, 800-yard range, 100 dB for voice, and 112 dB for siren.

    THUN-250: 25 watts, 1200-yard range, 102 dB for voice, and 118 dB for siren.


    Do you have questions about the megaphones we currently offer? We want to hear about them! Call us today at 877-782-7073 to speak with one of our customer service specialists.

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    6 Essential Battery-Powered Megaphone Tips To Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

    A battery-powered megaphone, the THUN-450, has its major components labelled.

    Whether you’re participating in a rally, coordinating an outdoor event, instructing students in an auditorium, or guiding players through drills on the practice field, megaphones and bullhorns are the best tools for getting your voice heard. To use yours effectively, make sure to review the following battery-powered megaphone tips — then let us know if you have any questions about the models we currently have available.

    1. Speak Directly Into the Megaphone

    Depending on the type of megaphone that you purchase, its microphone will either be built into the back of the unit or connected to it as an attachment. Operate both the same way by talking directly into their microphones — i.e., hold them as close to you as possible

    Megaphones may be excellent at projecting sound, but those sound waves have to reach them first. More of them will when you limit the space between your mouth and the microphone. 

    We’ve seen users who thought they could get away with holding their bullhorns at arms’ length, then learned very quickly how no one could hear what they were saying.

    For an easy comparison, treat your megaphones like musical instruments.

    2. Speak Loudly

    Don’t lower your voice when you use a megaphone. Whispers or mumbling won’t be any better when they’re magnified, which means you need to talk with power and confidence to get the farthest, cleanest results. 

    Let’s take it right back to that music analogy: the more sound you put in, the greater it projects.

    Worried you’ll be too loud? Adjust the megaphone’s settings, not your voice.

    3. Flip Your Batteries When Storing Your Megaphones

    One trick that you might find handy for conserving the lifespans of your megaphone batteries is to flip them backwards in a unit prior to storage. This avoids the possibility of the unit being unknowingly activated if anything were to be placed on top or beside it that might press its talk trigger and drain the rest of its power. Just remember to leave yourself a note when it’s time to pull your bullhorn back out so that you or your coworkers don’t mistakenly think its batteries are already dead.

    This tip helps avoid accidental alarm activation, too. And speaking of alarms…

    4. Be Careful Which Buttons You Push

    Not all megaphones are made the same, which is why ThunderPower designs theirs to be intuitive and user friendly. That said, it’s still a good idea to review all of the available functions and where they’re located, just so you don’t choose one that causes unnecessary commotion — like the megaphone’s siren.

    Depending on the model, the siren may be activated with a switch beside the microphone, a toggle at the base of the pistol grip, or a button on the top handle. Always verify that yours is in the correct position before use.

    5. Purchase Rechargeable Batteries

    ThunderPower megaphones offer exceptional range and sound quality, which can require several AA or C batteries based on the model. Depending on how often you use these megaphones, you may find it more cost effective to purchase rechargeable batteries.

    6. Consider Megaphones With Shoulder Straps

    If you need bullhorns with a lot of power, but also plan to be on the move, you’d do well to look for units that come with shoulder straps. They make transporting these megaphones easier, and reduce the chances of having them misplaced or damaged. Plus, ThunderPower’s larger units also include palm mics, which allow you to continue using them while they’re still being carried.

    Which Megaphones Do You Need?

    If you’re looking to purchase new megaphones, here’s a breakdown of the units we currently offer, with links to each.

    THUN-150: 15 watts of power and a 600-yard range, with voice amplification up to 98 decibels (dB) and siren at 112 dB. 

    Recommended for: teachers, parade operators, event organizers, and tour groups.

    THUN-120: 15 watts of power and an 800-yard range, with voice amplification up to 100 dB and siren at 112 dB. 

    Recommended for: coaching, theater productions, school pickup and drop-off lots, as well as campus crowd control.

    THUN-250: 25 watts of power and a 1200-yard range, with voice amplification up to 102 dB and siren at 118 dB. 

    Recommended for: law enforcement, first responders, teachers, and coaches.

    THUN-450: 35 watts of power and a 1400-yard range, with voice amplification up to 108 dB and siren at 120 dB. 

    Recommended for: political rallies, outdoor festivals, and religious congregations.

    THUN-1200: 45 watts of power and a 2000-yard range, with voice amplification up to 112 dB and siren at 122 dB. 

    Recommended for: military training, firefighters, security, and massive gatherings.

    Want More Battery-Powered Megaphone Tips?

    Whether you’re looking for more tips about megaphones and bullhorns and how to maintain them, or you’ve got questions about any of our models, we’re here to help! Call us today at 877-782-7073.