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Why the National Guard Relies on Tactical Megaphones From ThunderPower

A member of the National Guard holds a THUN-450, one of several tactical megaphones from ThunderPower.

Whether maintaining order during civil unrest, coordinating team members in the field, or delivering crucial instructions in the midst of an active emergency, the National Guard depends on clear and reliable communication. That’s why they turn to powerful tactical megaphones to get their voices heard. 

Learn about the benefits these megaphones provide, and what options are currently available from ThunderPower.

What Exactly Is a Tactical Megaphone?

A tactical megaphone, also known as a loud-hailer or bullhorn, is not your ordinary voice amplification device. Unlike wooden ones often associated with cheerleaders and sporting events, tactical megaphones are purpose-built for the demanding requirements of large-scale rallies and military operations. These rugged devices are designed to withstand extreme weather and heavy use, while offering long battery life for uninterrupted performance.

The Versatility of Tactical Megaphones

Tactical megaphones serve a variety of functions within the National Guard. They represent versatile tools that can adapt to changing environments when it comes to riot management or search and rescue. 

Equipped with powerful speakers and advanced sound projection, tactical megaphones ensure that vital messages are heard loud and clear, especially in noisy or chaotic situations.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

One of the key advantages of tactical megaphones is their ability to enhance a user’s situational awareness — in other words, their ability to understand and quickly respond to their environment. 

During emergency situations, megaphones amplify voice commands, warnings, and instructions, which allow National Guard personnel to hear each other effectively. This minimizes risk and ultimately saves lives.

Effective Crowd Management

During civil disturbances or large-scale events, maintaining crowd control is a top priority. Tactical megaphones play a crucial role in this regard, allowing guardsmen to address crowds from a distance and maintain control during potentially volatile situations. The ability to project an authoritative voice helps to deter unruly behavior and de-escalate tensions for public safety.

Flexible Handing

Tactical megaphones are made to be ergonomic, with options for handheld or shoulder-mounted use. Flexible handling allows National Guard units to apply these devices to the specific requirements of each mission. Whether it’s patrolling urban streets or conducting search and rescue in remote areas, megaphones offer a reliable means of delivering instructions and providing assistance.

Survivability in Harsh Environments

In military operations, environmental factors can pose significant challenges to communication equipment. Tactical megaphones are built to withstand the rigors of combat and adverse weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in the most demanding environments. These devices are designed to withstand rain, snow, dust, and extreme temperatures for sustained, dependable functionality.

Integrated Technology

Advancements in technology have further expanded the capabilities of tactical megaphones. Modern devices feature built-in sirens and whistles, extended palm mics, and vehicle power cables. These features enhance the versatility and effectiveness of tactical megaphones, allowing National Guard units to adapt to evolving threats and operational requirements.

Training and Familiarization

Using tactical megaphones may require brief training and familiarization. Programs can cover topics like understanding voice projection, how to speak for optimal message delivery, as well as maintenance and storage.

This allows users to become proficient and prepared for real-world scenarios like these.

Example Scenarios With Tactical Megaphones

Evacuation Orders: National Guardsmen issue evacuation orders to residents in flood-prone areas. They use tactical megaphones to direct residents to safety at designated shelters or higher ground.

Search and Rescue: Flood waters are rising rapidly, so guardsmen deploy search and rescue teams. Megaphones are used to coordinate these efforts, providing directions to those search teams and broadcasting messages to individuals who are stranded on rooftops and other dangerous locations.

Crowd Management at Shelters: As displaced residents seek refuge in emergency shelters, guardsmen use megaphones to manage crowds and provide information about available resources like food, water, and medical assistance. They also communicate guidelines for maintaining order and ensuring everyone’s safety within these shelters.

Traffic Control and Route Clearing: To facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles and aid convoys, tactical megaphones are employed to direct traffic and inform motorists about road closures, detours, and safe evacuation routes. Guardsmen stationed at key intersections and access points use megaphones to relay instructions to drivers.

Public Safety Announcements: Throughout disaster response, National Guardsmen make regular public safety announcements using megaphones. They provide updates, advise residents on precautions to take, and offer warnings about any new hazards that come up.

Coordinating Assistance: Guardsmen use megaphones to coordinate assistance efforts with other response agencies, such as local law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services. By sharing information and coordinating actions through clear and concise communication, they ensure a cohesive and effective response.

Tactical Megaphones From ThunderPower

Now that you know why the guard depends on these megaphones, let’s explore some of the options from ThunderPower that meet their needs.

First, it’s worth noting that all ThunderPower megaphones offer the following benefits.

High Power Output: From 25 – 45 watts depending on model, our megaphones deliver loud and clear sound projection that makes them suitable for various applications. Those include crowd control, emergency response, and public announcements.

Durable Construction: Our megaphones are built with industrial-grade plastic to withstand heavy use and tough conditions. Their rugged construction ensures durability and reliability in almost any environment.

Portability: Regardless of size, ThunderPower megaphones are easy to carry. This is true whether you’re using the THUN-250 by hand, or the THUN-1200 with its shoulder strap. 

Versatile Features: All radios come equipped with high-power microphones, intuitive volume controls, as well as built-in sirens and whistles.

Here are the ThunderPower megaphones we recommend for use by the National Guard.

THUN-250: 25 watts of power, with a range of up to 1,200 yards. They require six (6) C batteries.

THUN-450: 35 watts of power, with a range of up to 1,400 yards. They require eight (8) C batteries.

THUN-1200: 45 watts of power, with a range of up to 2,000 yards. They require eight (8) C batteries and come with a vehicle power adapter. 

Purchase Your Tactical Megaphones Today

Tactical megaphones are invaluable assets for the National Guard, providing essential communication during a wide range of events. From crowd control to search and rescue, these rugged devices empower guardsmen to issue clear commands and maintain situational awareness. Combining versatility, survivability, and advanced features, these megaphones are indispensable for mission success and public safety.

ThunderPower is proud to offer megaphones that are used by the National Guard and other branches of the armed forces. Give us a call to talk about our available models and place an order.