Megaphone Use Tips #2: What To Do At Your Event

Megaphone use tips concept: a woman holds a THUN-250 megaphone while chanting with fellow protesters.

Megaphone Use Tips #2: What To Do At Your Event

Megaphones are some of the best tools you can ever bring to a rally, sports practice, or community event to make your voice heard. While we’ve already shared basic megaphone use tips on the correct ways to hold and speak through them, we’ve got plenty more for you to keep in mind about the venue where they’ll be needed. Before you head out to speak truth to power, make sure you address these first.

Megaphone Use Tip #1: Understand Local Noise Ordinances

In advance of any event where you want to use a megaphone, make sure doing so is actually legal. Noise ordinances vary from place to place and may restrict the hours or volume of what you’re doing. (For example, megaphones may be allowed during sports practice, but not actual games.) Ignoring these regulations can result in fines or even having your event or venue shut down. 

Megaphone Use Tip #2: Get Appropriate Permits Where Applicable

Your megaphone may also require a permit, especially when used in public. Similar to ordinances, permit requirements can also vary based on location, which is why it’s a good idea to reach out to the local authorities to confirm whether you need to obtain one in advance. This avoids any fines or disruptions to your event, and also gives people a heads-up about what to expect when you’re there.

Megaphone Use Tip #3: Know the Expected Size of Your Event

The size of your event will dictate the type of megaphone you’ll need because you’ll be able to estimate how far you’ll have to project your voice so everyone can hear you.

With our ThunderPower lineup as an example, a THUN-150 may be more than sufficient to address those in a small group setting, while larger crowds may require a heavy-duty model like the THUN-450 or even the shoulder-mounted THUN-1200.

Megaphone Use Tip #4: Avoid Feedback When Using Your Megaphone

Feedback is that annoying screeching sound you hear when a megaphone’s microphone is too close to its speaker. Not only is it a nuisance, it’s also an easy way to distract people from hearing and engaging with your message.

To avoid feedback, simply keep the microphone — especially detachable ones — at a safe distance from the speaker of your megaphone, as well as any other sound source. The best way to do this is to experiment with the volume and positioning of your megaphone prior to any live event to find the sweet spot for amplifying your voice clearly.

Megaphone Use Tip #5: Be Confident in Your Posture and Speech

Confidence is key during most interactions with the public. Megaphones are no exception. Even though others may be so far away from you that they won’t see your face, your level of confidence and body posture will be conveyed through the sound of your voice.

Stand tall, with your shoulders back and your chest out, projecting an air of authority and assurance. Speak slowly and clearly, enunciating your words to ensure that your message is understood by everyone in the crowd. This behavior will command the attention of your audience, and make your message more compelling and persuasive.

Megaphone Use Tip #6: Get Your Audience Engaged by Preparing Chants or Music in Advance

One way to keep your audience engaged and energized is by incorporating chants or music into your event. But don’t expect magic to happen by deciding these things right on the spot, especially if you’re involving a lot of other people. Prepare them in advance so that everyone knows what to expect.

You’ll also want to make them catchy and aligned with the theme of your event. This will help you encourage participation from your crowd, add to the atmosphere, and reinforce your message.

We Have the Megaphones You Need

Megaphones may offer a lot of power in a small package, but you also need to understand how to apply that power effectively. This includes careful planning and consideration for where you’ll use them, understanding local regulations, and choosing the right megaphones for the job. 

We hope these tips will help you make the most out of your next event. Check out our full lineup so that when the time comes, you’ll be more than prepared.

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