ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-120 Megaphone

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ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-120 Megaphone

When customers tell us that they’re looking for the best-quality megaphone at the most affordable price, the THUN-120 megaphone immediately springs to mind. This week, we spotlight the benefits of this lightweight, reliable bullhorn that we so often see used for parades, coaching, school pickup and drop-off lots, campus crowd control, theater productions, and outside events like fairs and farmers’ markets. 

Sound and Range

All ThunderPower megaphones offer clear, exceptional sound quality, and this model is no different. At 15 watts of power and 800 yards of range, the THUN-120 can amplify your voice just shy of 7.5 NFL-sized football fields!


The THUN-120’s lightweight design is complemented by an ergonomic pistol grip and attached wrist strap. Handling is intuitive, thanks to a convenient three-way switch for choosing between voice, siren, and whistle, as well as an adjustment wheel to select the appropriate volume.


Industrial-grade plastic is what allows the THUN-120 megaphone to be lightweight, but don’t think that that means it’s fragile. It’s built to withstand plenty of use and bumps along the way — especially if you’re protesting! Those wrist straps we mentioned earlier are also great for preventing drops, loss, and theft.


It only takes eight AA batteries to experience 15 watts of power! Swapping out dead batteries is also quick and easy. Just make sure to follow our tips on how to use a megaphone properly — i.e., always speak directly into the microphone, don’t speak softly, and only adjust the megaphone’s volume instead of your voice!


The THUN-120 offers a 10-inch-diameter bell and extra-loud, solid-state speaker so that it can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and out. This not only makes it flexible in terms of use, but also means you don’t have to break the bank by purchasing a ton of units just for a single event.


We make it a point that all ThunderPower models come with a “full 1 year, expedited in-house express warranty.” We stand by our products, and we want you to have complete peace of mind that you’ll get the maximum use out of every megaphone you purchase.

Why Choose The THUN-120 Megaphone — Or ANY ThunderPower Model

There are several options out there when it comes to selecting bullhorns. There are three reasons we think you should choose ours — whether it’s the THUN-120 or the other exceptional megaphones in our lineup:

  1. We offer world-class quality at the best available prices. (As of this post, our megaphones are even more cost-effective because they’re on sale!)
  2. We’ll answer your call the moment you dial. We don’t like making people navigate convoluted phone trees or getting stuck playing phone tag.
  3. Our orders can often ship as soon as the day they’re placed.

    You may be wondering why we say “megaphone” and “bullhorn.” Is there a difference? While the products we sell are technically bullhorns, both terms have become synonymous. Rest assured that we’re always referring to battery-powered models. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the evolution of their names here!

    Questions and Orders

    Do you have questions about the models that we offer, or about megaphones in general? We want to hear them! 

    Call us today at 877-782-7073 to get assistance with any of your megaphone (or bullhorn) needs, get quotes, and place an order!